IMx Scope

Welcome to IMx

Independent IoT, Big Data, Ai & Blockchain Community powering Digital Transformation.


Founded in 2018, the function of the community is to focus on the adoption and application of emerging technologies in commercial environments to support Mexico performance and competitiveness.



What is IMx?

We are a community that gathers all the stakeholders of the Digital Transformation in Mexico & Latam to create a complete ecosystem that includes:

  • Corporate End Users
  • Technology Providers
  • Chambers of Commerce & Business Associations
  • Government
  • Universities 


What is our main goal?

  • Our primary focus is on the adoption & application of IoT, Big Data, AI & Blockchain for companies to understand the practical and financial benefits of these emerging technologies.
  • We will target specific vertical markets such as Financial, Industry 4.0, Health, Retail/Ecommerce, Transports & Logistics, Agroindustry, Marketing and Commodities/Energy.
  • Our idea is to share best practices & experiences to educate and inspire our members in their Digital Transformation journey.


What are our main activities?

Establish the first Digital Transformation Social Network in Mexico and Latam to connect like-minded members efficiently.

  • Generate discussions and share information & insights among the community members for specific markets throught the creation of vertical committees.
  • Create a library of success stories worldwide and in Mexico.
  • Organize webinars and events providing an opportunity to share knowledge and to learn from the best in the industry.
  • Realize market studies to help IMx members to size business opportunities.
  • Create a career center with the set up of an online Job Exchange.
  • Provide training courses for both technical and non-technical members.