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IMx offers five membership types based on company profile and need. We can help you find the best one for you.


Corporate End Users - $50 USD

*tax included for 12 months suscription. 

Corporate End Users are people from companies or organizations looking for new technologies to implement or strengthen their digital transformation process to accelerate innovation, drive new business models, create competitive advantage and/or reduce operating costs.
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Technology Providers - $50 USD
*tax included for 12 months suscription. 

Technology Providers offer commercial services within the Digital Transformation space such as Consulting Services, Telecom, Information Technology & Communication, Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Software & SaaS, Facial Recognition, Vision Computing, Drone Technology, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Mobile & Apps, 3D printing, etc.
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Chambers of Commerce & Business Associations (CCBAs) - $50 USD
*tax included for 12 months suscription

CCBAs directors and staff aware of the importance of Digital Transformation adoption within their industry are welcome to join IMx community. This  will help them understand more about these new technologies and how this could impact positively their members by sharing their findings and proposing a comprehensive working plan to their members.
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Government - $50 USD
*tax included for 12 months suscription. 

Government members at Federal, State and Local levels interested to understand  the way the public sector will operate and how to deliver new digital services to their citizens. Joining IMx community will help them also to launch new initiatives to foster a culture of innovation.
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Universities - $25 USD
*tax included for 12 months suscription. 

Academic Membership positions faculty members as educational leaders in the field of Digital Transformation and helps them be aware of new trends and can align the educational needs of their students with their future employers. In addition, partnering with IMx will help your university to build relationships with the private sector, connect with top industry recruiters and attend special events.
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Membership Benefits Include:

  • Ability to create its own profile and access IMx digital transformation social network.
  • Ability to participate in committees and benchmark with Mexico and Latam most innovative companies and members. Committee activities include industry research, success stories compilation, in person meetings and blogs.
  • Discounted attendance to all IMx conferences.
  • Access to member-only content hosted on IMx social network.
  • Full access to IMx University with special discounts. 
  • Access to specialized online job exchange.
  • Reception of Newsletters.