Reasons to Join

5 reasons to join our vertical communities



Learning from each other's experiences

If you are paying attention you will be able to see some actions that others in the group are using that may or may not work for you. Listen and learn and you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

Exchanging tips

Having other members give you tips that you can use helps tremendously. While you can read about many tips online, it helps to hear experiences from experts and peers and apply the suggestions in your own business.

Passing on knowledge

One of the biggest functions of a committee is to pass on the knowledge that has been gathered. But this is also a place where you can find a mentor, and/or become a mentor for someone else. You each become a needed person for the other members that are there.



Making connections

Vertical networking is key because dynamics and issues of the Digital Transformation journey is specific to each industry. It is clear that this process is completely different whether you are involved in the financial industry on in the logistics industry for example.

Learning new skills

A great opportunity is to learn new skills together by sharing success stories and accomplishments of other members.